Typical Temperatures
Average oCMin oC Hrs SunHumidityRain days
January178 6709
February178 7697
March239 7654
April2512 9673
May2716 11683
June3018 13641
July3221 12601
August3322 12611
September3120 11591
October2716 9643
November2213 7684
December199 6708
One of the benefits of being a Mediterranean island is plentiful sunshine throughout the year, and Cyprus is no exception. Summer stretches from mid-May to mid-October and means high temperatures, normally cloudless skies and cooling breezes from the sea. Even in the height of summer when it's 32oC at the beach (and warmer inland), temperatures are refreshingly cooler in the Troodos, making the mountains ideal for hiking or simply relaxing.

December to February are the winter months, bringing the possibility of rain, but still an average of six hours of bright sunshine a day. At this time of year smaller Mediterranean destinations shut down for the season, but not so Cyprus. The many important heritage sites and museums are all at their least crowded in winter. Into early February there is occasional rain, and often snow in the Troodos mountains - ideal for skiing! The first orchids bloom in January, and by mid-February the countryside is alive with fresh green meadows and almond trees in bloom. March days can still be cool (daytime temperatures around 18íC) but steadily moderate. Early spring is a wonderful time to visit to Cyprus, with pleasant daytime temperatures and many of the ancient ruins framed by a carpet of red anemones and other wildflowers. If in summer Cyprus is the place to bask in the sun, then spring is the time to savour the natural beauty of the island in bloom.

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