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The village is known for its association with Aphrodite and has a fine church. It is the capital of the western region of Cyprus where the sun shines all day long. It consists of two areas: the coastal resort area (Kato Paphos) and the town itself (Kito Paphos) which is slightly inland.

Visit the world-famous Paphos Mosaics historical site and see many stunning mosaic floors and walls in areas such as the House of Dionysis which are some of the finest in the Mediterranean. Close-by is the beautiful old harbour with a multitude of modern restaurants all situated along the seaside promenade.

Other sights include an archaeological museum, the Byzantine castle of Paphos, Tombs of the Kings, St. Paul's Pillar, Sea Caves and the Temple of Aphrodite (the goddess of love and beauty). There is a long shopping lane running parallel to the beach promenade.
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Located just north of Paphos is the gorgeous Coral Bay, a beautiful beach with soft sand and deep blue water, a perfect place for water sports.

Paphos Mosaics

Paphos' sumptuous Roman mosaics are some of the finest to have been discovered anywhere in the world. They decorated the homes of the imperial Roman commanders who governed Cyprus 2000 years ago and tell the stories of key mythological episodes, including Dionysus' gift of wine to man. The Roman mosaics were stumbled upon by a ploughing farmer back in 1961.
Following extensive excavations by Polish and Cypriot archaeologists, three separate Roman villas have now been unearthed and are open to the public. Mosaics in the House of Dionysus show the God of wine, Dionysus, giving the secret of viticulture to Ikarios, the King of Athens. This is one of the earliest depictions of drunks ever found and the two peasants lie prostrate beside an empty amphora of wine in the final panel.